Thursday, February 08, 2007

Issue 155 (Winter 2006/7): Contents

Now we have posted the cfp for the Spring issue, I thought I should share the full contents of issue 155, which is at the printer's:

Anne Welsh. Cataloguing Today [Editorial].

Kathleen Whalen Moss. Swings & roundabouts: the role of cataloguing and classification in the LIS curriculum.
This paper, given at the CIG Conference 2006, caused a real buzz, with its findings of a bigger demand from LIS students for cataloguing and classification teaching than many university departments were offering.
Sue Batley. Going Nowhere?
Andrew Coburn. Cataloguers – how do we get and keep them?
Alan Danskin. Swings and roundabouts: British Library perspective.
Heather Jardine. “Recruiting the Attitude”: a Public Library Viewpoint.

Nicola Franklin. Current and Future Skills – Same body different coat?
This article, from a leading recruitment consultant differentiates the skills sought by employers for "traditional" and "non-traditional" roles.
Jean Rose. Daddy or Chips?
How do you choose a classification scheme? Jean Rose shares her views.
Katrina Sked. Cataloguing as Extreme Sport.
Having chosen cataloguing over front-of-house, this young professional was amazed and amused by the reactions of her friends.
Jeanie Deck. Do Catalogers Have Nine Lives?
A Stateside view of cataloguing opportunities.
Lauren Forbes. From Blockbusters to Byron, or, A Tale of Two Cataloguing Posts.
Entering the world of archival documentation.
Beverley A. Wood. Tropical Cataloguing: a Day in the Life of a Barbadian Academic Cataloguer.
Compare and contrast with working in the UK.
Stephen Darcy. Information Architecture in Southwark.
Case study of how one local authority got started on a massive undertaking.
Lorraine Mariner. Customisation and Car Codes: Cataloguing at Tate.
This paper highlights some of the unique features of cataloguing this unique collection.
James L. Mitchell. A New Classification System for Rare Book Reference Materials at the National Library of Scotland.
Devising an inhouse classification system.
Nicola Evans. Documentation in Practice.
How experience in libraries can prepare you for museum work.
Colin Duncan. Cataloguing at Inverclyde Libraries.
An overview of the challenges faced by this local authority.

Notes for newcomers is a new series of articles aimed at students and / or those new to cataloguing, indexing, taxonomy design and metadata.
Jeffrey Beall. Why We Still Need Metadata in a Full-Text Searching World.
A concise summary of the value that metadata adds to search and retrieval.

From Your Group Councillor

Introducing Our New Book Reviews Editor [Neil T. Nicholson].
Richard Price. Artists’ Books: A Cataloguers’ Manual / Maria White, Patrick Perratt and Liz Lawes on behalf of ARLIS/UK & Ireland Cataloguing and Classification Committee. ARLIS, 2006.
Neil T. Nicholson. Guidelines for book reviews.