Monday, January 01, 2007

Issue 154 (Autumn 2006): Contents

As this blog goes live on 1 January 2007, the current issue is Number 154, which consists of new pieces I commissioned in Summer 2006 and some articles collected by the committee while the journal was not in print.

Anne Welsh. Conferences and communities of practice [Editorial]. p.1.
[Andrew Watson]. [Notice of] Visit to the Society of Friends, 22 November 2006. [Postponed]. p.1.

Yvonne Hamblin. Employability for Cataloguing and Indexing. p.1-3.
Stuart Hunt. LIMES Community of Practice event, Birmingham, 21st September 2006. p.2.
Immaculate Catalogues CIG Conference, University of East Anglia, 13-15 September 2006 [Conference reports]. p.4-6.
- Heather Jardine. Thinking time, talking time and teapots. p.4.
- Alan Vaughan Hughes. RDA with rabbits and kedgeree on the side. p.4-5.
- Kate Bunting. From Derby to Norwich and back to Leeds. p.5-6.
Karen Attar. UK Bibliographic Standards Committee of the CILIP Rare Books and Special Collections Group. [Based on papers given at Immaculate Catalogues 2006 and Umbrella 2005]. p.6-7.
Michael Emly. Integrating non-Roman scripts: Unicode within a standard Library Management System. [Based on a paper given at Umbrella 2005]. p.7-9.
Alan Danskin. What difference does it make? Measuring the quality of cataloguing and the catalogue. [Based on a paper given at Umbrella 2005]. p.9-12.

Kayla Tomlinson. From Your Group Councillor [Covering meetings held 8 December 2005, 5 April 2006 and 28 June 2006]. p.12-14.

Book Reviews
Mary Jane Steer. Knowledge organisation and classification in international information retrieval / Nancy J. Williamson, Clare Beghtol (eds.). Haworth, 2003. p.14-15.
Pat F. Booth. The thesaurus: review, renaissance and revision / Sandra K. Roe, Alan R. Thomas (eds.). Haworth, 2004. p.15.
Alan Danskin. Functional requirements for bibliographic records (FRBR): hype or cure-all? / Patrick Le Boeuf (ed.). Haworth, 2005.

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